It’s like Disney Land, only cooler.

The world of Sci-Fi never sleeps, just goes on power saver mode. So, here I am again to share an interesting find from Cyberpunk review. You can access it here: Robot Land.  To sum up, South Korea will be opening a theme park called Robot Land which has as its theme, you guessed it, robots! Wall-E, Johnny 5, and if we’re lucky Major Kusanagi might be there! Ok, maybe I’m a little over-zealous but it’s a cool idea. The park itself is part of what the South Korean government thinks is a foot in the door for future economic potential of robot based products. To be honest, I’d buy a ticket to go visit the place though I expect to be given a tour by a fully functioning robo-guide. Still, we’ve been wanting or imagining a world filled with intelligent robots since Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and we haven’t gotten it yet. I can understand no flying cars and jet packs (there are enough accidents with people moving on terra firma) but I would like to have a robo buddy. Maybe with all the new advances in materials sciences and artificial intellifence research, we may eventually get some androids. Until then, there’s Robot Land.

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