Hello. Jack-in and tune on.

Well, this is going to be my blog. What can you expect from this blog? Why should you bother reading this blog? To answer this, I’ll explain a little bit about about me. I’m a writer. I write science fiction, mystery, suspense and related genres. Don’t go bouncing off to book stores just yet though since I’m not published though, with a little luck, that may change in the foreseeable future. In the meantime, I’ll be working on novels. I’ve finished one and am in the process of editing it. This blog will do several things: keep you updated on the progress of my novels complete with samples and multiple versions of excerpts so you can see the progression of the work, musings and thoughts on the craft of writing, and finally a place to indulge in all things Sci-Fi. To start off, here’s a video that I wish were the genuine article. As to whether this could even be turned into a movie that didn’t disgrace the source material, I don’t know, but whoever put the effort into creating the video at the top of the page certainly should be considered for a directorial position if a Neuromancer movie is ever made.

That’s all for my first post. I’ll be sure to update again soon with samples from the second, in-progress draft of my novel. Until then, fellow Net-Heads have a nice day.

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