Write to the beat.

I found myself asking: is my writing made more effective by listening to a certain type of music? When writing a tense scene and listening to industrial music, does that throw off the way I write so that it is too frenetic? Is the oposite true? When writing an action scene and listening to ambient music, does the action scene become more subdued? I think that music can have a very profound influence on the way we feel and can influence how we write. Because of this, I think music can be harnessed as a tool for generating emotions that can give one’s writing a kick. I know that I try to listen to music that fits the mood of the scene I’m writing. One can imagine that one is a director of a movie. What music do you think would enhance the scene? When you see the events play out in your head, does the addition of the music have an effect on you? I’ve found that certain tones can have an impact on even the choice of words I use in a scene. I have started scenes listening to one song set to repeat then returned with another song and found the way I handle the scene changes. This could be attributed to other things like resuming an interrupted train of thought, but the effect of the music makes itself known on an emotional level and I can observe as my writing alters according to the mood of the song. I think that music, since it works at a level below consciousness, can be a great way to dig deeper and unearth ideas and perspectives that otherwise would not be accessible. Music, beyond just being entertaining, can be a valuable tool to a writer. Of course it also helps to break up the silence you’ll encounter after long hours of developing that novel or story to be exactly how you see it in your head.

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