In your cars, jamming your GPS signal.

Car theifs have had it rough lately. Unlike in Grand Theft Auto, you can no longer just jack a car and disappear into the sunset or chop shop. With GPS systems like LoJack, a GPS can lock onto your car so authorities can trace it and recover it for you, maybe even nabbing the guy who took it off you. But, like the first illegal prime, if it is protected, someone will find a way to hack it and take it off your hands for you. That’s exactly what car thiefs are doing in the UK. It just goes to show that necessity is the mother of invention though it also shows how insecure and almost tenuous our link to such common staples as GPS navigation is. It doesn’t take much to disrupt a GPS signal apparently. Just think of the ways a terrorist could use that. Hopefully, communications agencies will modify their signals to make it a more reliable system that can’t just be shut off by any car thief with a jammer or someone with far more dangerous intentions.

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