My technology’s better than yours!

I used to hear that the Gameboy Color had more power than the first shuttle to the moon. I don’t doubt it. Today’s Blackberry or iPhone probably has more power than the second and third shuttles combined. With electronics getting smaller and speeding up, a lot of formerly top of the line technology is being left to rot in obsolescence which is wy updating is so important. However, it turns out that the Secret Service is running mainframes that date from the 1980’s. Now, I have to say, just being able to run those junkers must mean they invested in some good stuff but holy crap people! Windows 98 has left them in the dust twenty times over! I just find it comical that the people who should be getting the best tech on the block could be one-upped by my mp3 player.

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2 Comments on “My technology’s better than yours!”

  1. Steve Says:

    The public sector gets crappy tech because they don’t have the money to pay for it; the Secret Service doesn’t have money for new servers but there are plenty of teenagers waiting to fork over their parents’ money for a new smartphone with a vowel-less name (yay capitalism!)

    On the other hand, old tech can be pretty durable. There’s a Gameboy Color at the Nintendo Store in NYC that survived a Gulf War artillery strike…

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