From cubicle to coffin. Man dead at desk five days before someone notices.

Time to change out the parts.

It is a strange world we live in. With all our communications, we are still strangely disconnected. Just read this article of a man who suffered a heart attack on Monday but no one noticed till Sunday. It certainly makes me feel like just a cog in a very big, callous machine.

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4 Comments on “From cubicle to coffin. Man dead at desk five days before someone notices.”

  1. willowbatel Says:

    Hahaha. That’s so sad. I mean wouldn’t you NOTICE if he really NEVER moved. And plus! He would’ve been seriously slouched over. “Don’t work too hard, no one notices anyway.” Perfect way to end that article.

  2. willowbatel Says:

    I’d be fine dying from a heart attack, at least it’s quick, but I would like to be found within two days of my death. If that’s not too a hard request to fill. lol

  3. clarknews Says:

    Wow… there was actually a show on TLC about urban legends that talked about this, they said that couldn’t actually happen…

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