Machine-brain dialogue through interesting research.

I’ve always thought it would be incredible to extend our nervous systems outside of ourselves to manipulate technology and machinery with just a thought. After seeing The Matrix and reading Neuromancer it seemed to open all kinds of new possibilities and who hasn’t thought it would be incredible to augment your body with mechanical parts a la Ghost in the Shell? It’s all part of the post-human dream to surpass the flesh and choose the path of our evolution through our technology. The problem is that the brain is the most intensely complex machine in the universe which makes understanding and programming for it such a difficult job. Luckily, there are lots of innovative people working on this problem and are making some really incredible advances. This video shows one of these research groups that I think really are looking at the problem, not just as one of picking up signals, but also in sending signals back to the brain. If you think about it, when your brain tells your arm to move, it is receiving signals back from the arm that confirm that the action has been done. If a chip managed to tell the brain that it was doing the assigned task, we would have a much more intuitive and intimate (as strange as that sounds) relationship with the computers we were connected to. All this new and exciting progress is getting us closer to a world in which we will connect to our environment in totally new ways. The future is looking stranger and stranger as we redefine what it is to be human.

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