A sneak peak of augmented reality.

This video demonstrates what an augmented reality system could be capable of. While it is still very crude, the idea of integrating digital information into the real environment is showing promise as a new extension of the ubiquitous computer world. For more information, just visit this site.

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One Comment on “A sneak peak of augmented reality.”

  1. jonvagg Says:

    OK – so I’m not entirely clear what I’m seeing here! But the idea it prompts is that digital information can be overlaid onto a real perspective, so that using a mobile phone, Blackberry, digital spectacles or some other device it would be possible to do things like look at an object and pull down digital info about it, or set up digital markers (say a meeting place in a particular location, or a virtual artwork) that people could navigate to using a phone etc. without the need for any actual recognisable real feature to be there. Equally it might be possible to have files that can only be accessed/changed by devices located in certain physical places – the equivalent of a facebook wall attached to a specific location and open to comments, graffiti etc. I’m sure those ideas are 0.01% of the possibilities…

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