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Hackers outdone by Spanish police.

March 4, 2010

A stylish portrayal of a brute attack style

While hackers are often made into rebels with a heart in cyberpunk fiction, the truth is not always so heroic. A group of Spanish police officers recently cracked open a massive botnet operated by three, potentially more, individuals. So far they know that it has infected a total of 13 million computers in 190 countries, infiltrating half of the Fortune 500 companies and 40 major banks. A botnet is a network of hacked computers that act sort of like zombies. Once one is infected by the virus, it will send infected packets to other computers. The brilliance of it is that these are not malicious viruses. The virus does not destroy your computer but instead lies dormant. When the hackers need to, they can instantly access their own personal army of computers who they can instruct to do whatever they need. This can be useful in planning DDOS attacks against large targets or stealing personal info en mass.


The War for the Net Continues

February 23, 2010

Is Cyberspace going militant?

In an information society, the one who holds the information holds the power. The internet gives us all a little place to grab on to so that we too may have a voice in this big, loud world. But that means there is a shift away from traditional power structures. In the past, it’s always been either governmnets or religions that have held sway. Now, the internet is the single largest force out there, connecting almost every corner of the globe. We’ve seen what it can do. Look at the protests in Iran. Camera phones captured the violence, chaos, and oppression then beamed it to the web so we could all be a part of it and know what was going on. The power is now in our hands. This of course is going to scare traditional power structures which is why lately we’ve been seeing a slow, insidious push to rope in the internet. According to this site, a new treaty may require ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to spy on their customers. Oh how easy it is to make the service provider the slave master. Unfortunately, we are beholden to them to get to the glorious land of Madness and Funny (the web) so there’s really no running from this.  But it shows that the internet is a powerful force that, if used correctly, can do a lot towards changing the world. Whether people will make it a change for the better or worse, that depends on the people, but the opportunity for creating something new is certainly there. Which is why these people are scared and they should be because we all have a voice and cyberspace gives us a place to use it.